My name is Ben. I am a Youth Pastor in Richmond, VA, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I entered full-time ministry in May of 2006 and I have learned something new every day. 

For instance, did you know that an Elder will ream you out if you socialize with students during prayer time in the adult service? 

Are you aware of how difficult it is to go to sleep after more than half of your students make commitments to follow Christ in one night?

Have you ever visited your doctor with heart palpations to be told you are stressed only to have someone ask you a short time later what exactly you do all week?

Ministry has been a great adventure for me, one that I have been blessed to experience in community with other leaders. As part of a nondenominational church I have had to be more intentional about networking with other full-time ministers in my community without the structure a denomination can provide. As a result I have been able to see many similarities among leaders all throughout the Big "C" Church. 

My goal for this blog is for it to become a place for ministry workers to gather to discuss stories and issues they encounter in the crazy business of vocational ministry. 

You may work at a church, but we all work for the Church.