Thursday, March 10

I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need volunteers?  There is a good chance you may have to go out and seek help.  I wish I had people knocking down my door, but I don't, so here are some questions I keep in mind when I am looking for someone to help with any volunteer position.

1.  Are they a good fit?  I would rather have someone who knows nothing and gets along with the team then someone who knows everything and gets along with no one.  Remember people can learn the skills needed for the position.  If they are not a good fit for the team then you will be creating problems.

2.  Do they have an agenda.  There is a difference between someone who takes initiative and someone with an agenda.  People with agendas will use you, your ministry or organization for their gain.

3. Do they take orders well.  Now this is not an excuse to be a jerk and boss people around.  But, you do want to work with people who dont mind being told what to do.  Actually if done correctly people like being told what to do.  I help on the worship team and its great because I am not the leader, I show up and play what they tell me to play and its very freeing.   

4. Do you have something for them to do that is worth doing?  I have gotten volunteers for projects only to find out that I only needed one volunteer and I did not have a set goal for that one volunteer. Work on what your volunteers will be doing, try typing out a job description, this will help paint a good picture when you do approach a potential volunteer. 

Make a phone call and set up a coffee date and get to know some people and keep these questions in your mind.

What are some of your criteria for finding help and how do you do it?