Wednesday, April 6

Yoga, DNA, Solitary Confinement and Discipleship

One of the biggest lies that we buy into is that we are alone.  My wife and I watched a special on Neflix about people in solitary confinement.  Prisoners are placed in a cell 23 hours a day to be by themselves.  This isolation creates a paranoia and a strong need and fear to connect to people even if its though violence. 

Haven't we all met people like this.  They are alone and have a fear and a longing to connect to someone somehow.  Our ability to connect to people as Jesus connected to the world has many different components but here are few that I believe are important. 

1. DNA: It is the what we are made of.  What is your Churches DNA.  Another way to put it is what is the culture of your Church?  Jesus spent three years with 12 men to change their DNA regarding their prejudices, faith and way of life.  Is the DNA or culture of your Church or you to reach people?  

2. Yoga: Personally or as a congregation we have to flexible and able to shift our weight to be more effective in reaching people who are alone.  It is not convenient, it usually does not happen during work hours.  When God parted the Red Sea there was no waiting around it was time to move.  Granted Pharaoh provided all the motivation they needed to move, but we dont read the story of how the people panicked and trampled one another.  There were leaders set up to move the people effectively and quickly and there were a lot of people.

3. Discipleship:  This is the goal given by Jesus.  Tony Morgan in his blog post, Unstuck: Mind the Gap lays this all out about the importance of a well thought out systems and strategies.  Here is the formula he presents.  

Vision + [Strategies & Systems] + Execution = Results

Granted not everyone fits into a system or even a strategy, but if you have the DNA or culture to reach people and create flexibility as apart of your system and strategy people will find ways to reach the people who are the exception.  

What are some of the other components that go into reaching people?

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  1. Listen guys. I do appreciate your point of view. Thanks for sharing this. Do you guys know about Thomas Meano ? He is spiritual leader. Thomas Meano aspires to let everyone know that Jesus loves us and he help everyone who wants to know about God & his existence. Let me know if you want to more about him.